About Us

We are a family owned and operated 90+ year old business with orchards located close to Manjimup, a major service centre in WA's south west.

Our Southern Forests region has stunning forests, coastline, beaches, delicious food, coffee, wine, ciders and many adventure tourism attractions, plus excellent and affordable accommodation options for seasonal workers.

From November to May we need hundreds of people to help thin and harvest our apple crop, a big part of WA’s supply of locally grown fruit.

Welcome to apple boot camp! … aka, is working at Newtons the right job for you?

THE FINE PRINT: Apple thinning is a very repetitive and boring job, standing all day to remove by hand the excess small apples on the trees. Apple picking is hard physical work, requiring you to pick and carry between 15-30kg of fruit, often using ladders.

Our crews need to be fit and able to work for long hours in at times adverse weather conditions.

On the positive side, you will make a heap of new friends, enjoy our beautiful orchards and region, and play a critical role in bringing good quality fruit to Australian fruit bowls in 2021.​