Frequently Asked Questions

*Please note: All the spots on our thinning team for November & December has been filled. But there are still spaces available for apple harvest from late February 2021 March 2021

*Please note: Due to the high volume of applicants we might take a few days or weeks to get in touch.

Apple thinning: Crews start on Award wage for a few days while learning, then move to contract/piece rate (paid per tree).

Average thinners can earn $200/day.

Top thinners can earn $230-$240/day.

Picking: Crews start on award wage for a few days while learning, then move to contract/per 350kg bin piece rate.

Good pickers should be able to earn 15% above award. Our top pickers can earn up to $230-$250/day.

Every second Wednesday.

We usually start at 7am, with one 15 minute break and 30 minutes for lunch.

If you’re on an hourly rate the Award caps you at 38 hours, but on contract, you have the opportunity to work up to 45 hours, or 8-9 hours/day 5 days a week.

*Occasional weekend work is required.

Thinning starts around November 12th and goes until late December/early January.

Picking starts late February and goes until the end of May

None apart from good English speaking skills, just a Can-Do attitude and reasonable physical fitness.

It’s easy to learn but not for everybody.

Apple thinning is a very repetitive/boring job, standing all day and removing by hand the excess small apples on the trees.

Apple picking is hard physical work, requiring you to pick and carry between 15-30kg of fruit, often using ladders and on uneven ground.

Comfortable, closed in flat footwear.

Long-sleeved collared shirts, hats and sunscreen for sun protection.

A water bottle: on hot days you will need to drink several litres of water (refills available on-farm).

Sometimes we work in the rain so weatherproof jacket, pants and boots.


Our recommended accommodation provider is the Tall Timbers Manjimup Hotel, located on Giblett Street, which offers great rates in shared rooms for seasonal workers.

Check the WA Government’s harvest support #workandwander campaign for eligibility for accommodation and relocation/travel rebates.

This assistance is for Australians relocated more than 100kms from their usual home address for seasonal work.

More information on whether you qualify, and where to claim, visit

Four of our orchards are located within 5 minutes drive from town, and another 2 are 15 minutes drive.

The hotel/hostel accommodations in Manjimup provide minibus transport.

If you are staying elsewhere you will need your own transport.

All essential services are available in Manjimup including Coles and Woolworths.

You will be able to buy any supplies or clothing equipment you need in town.

Plus great food, bar and coffee options!